T20 Synchroflex® Timing Belts

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T20 Synchroflex® Timing Belts

  • Manufactured by: Conti Synchroflex®
Synchroflex® Timing Belt
Polyurethane, steel reinforced, endless
Standard T Profile to DIN 7721 in metric pitch with trapezoidal toothform

Delivery is typically 1-2 days

Important Note:
These belts are cut to order and as such are non returnable


Type Length No. Teeth
T20/1260 1260 63
T20/1460 1460 73
T20/1780 1780 89
T20/1880 1880 94
Type Length No. Teeth
T20/2360 2360 118
T20/2600 2600 130
T20/3100 3100 155
T20/3620 3650 181

Can't find the length you need then try Jointed or Brecoflex as an alternative

 Manufacturers Data Sheet

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