SPAX850 - XPA850


SPAX850 - XPA850

£5.68 Inc VAT
£4.73 Ex VAT

… for safe and reliable high power transmission

· Very high flexibility due to moulded cogs

· Excellence transeverse rigidity because of polychloroprene rubber based compund with an-isotropic fibre orientation.

· Very low stretch due to use of length stable Poly-ester cords prepared with special adhesives

· Higher power rating of 30% over wraped belts

· Low slip due to better arc of contact and pulley to belt geometry relationship

· Energy Savings upto 4% over Flat / Wrapped V-belts

Nominal Length: Unless otherwise specified, nominal length considered is pitch length (Lp) in mm.

Standards: DIN 7753 Part 1, RMA IP 22, ISO 4183, ISO 4184, BS 3790, API 1B


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