ATK5-K6 Standard Breco® Jointed Timing Belt

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Joining Charge

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ATK5-K6 Standard Breco® Jointed Timing Belt

  • Manufactured by: Breco®
Polyurethane, steel reinforced, extruded endless
High Power AT Profile in metric pitch with trapezoidal toothform

Delivery on Jointed Belting is typically 1-2 days

Important Notes:

Jointed Belts are half the strength of a Brecoflex belt and are only
suitable for conveying or very light power transmission applications. 

These belts are made to order and as such are none returnable.


 How to order your 
ATK5-K6 Jointed belt.

  1. Enter the width in mm of belting required.
  2. Enter the length of belting in mm.
    0.780 metres = 780 mm
    2.590 metres = 2590 mm

  3. Select  Nylon Tooth Covering if required.
    Options are:
  4. Select tension cord type required.
  5. Select PU type
  6. Calculate the price
  7. Enter qty of belts required
  8. Add to cart


Type ATK5-K6
zmin 25
dmin 60
Type ATK5-K6
zmin 25
dmin 60

 Tension member loadings
allowable tensile load by belt width

Belt width
b [mm]
Tension member loadings
Fadm [N]
1120 1750 
Belt weight
0.118 0.177


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