HTD14 Open Length PU Timing Belts

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HTD14 Open Length PU Timing Belts

  • Manufactured by: Conti Synchroflex®
HTD14 Open Length
14mm Pitch PU Belting
(Black PU)
Polyurethane, steel reinforced, extruded endless
Standard HTD Profile metric pitch with trapezoidal toothform

Delivery on Open Length Belting is typically 1-2 days

Important Note:

Pictures are for illustration purposes, the belting is BLACK in COLOUR

This type of belting is cut to order and as such are non-returnable.


 How to order your HTD14 open length belting.

  1. Enter the width in mm of belting required.
  2. Enter the length of belting in metres
    To 3 decimal places
    ( 2½ metres = 2.500)

  3. Select tension cord type required.
  4. Select PU type
  5. Calculate the price
  6. Enter qty of reels required
  7. Add to cart




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