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Efco 135065700/0 - EF92C 13.5H Deck Belt


Efco 135065700/0 - EF92C 13.5H Deck Belt

£18.00 Inc VAT
£15.00 Ex VAT

Efco 135065700/0 - EF92C 13.5H Deck Belt - 135065700/0 also 35065270/0 - 350657000

ROFLEX-GARDEN Wrapped V-belts


OEM quality wrapped double-V-belts for the most demanding lawn & garden applications. 


The AA hexagonal V-belts are especially suited for serpentine drives with more than two axles. An equal amount of power can be transmitted using both sides of the belt and it also enables a component to be driven in reverse without having to cross the belt.

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