Castel 35062011/0 Motion Drive


Castel 35062011/0 Motion Drive

£31.30 Inc VAT
£26.08 Ex VAT

Part 135062011/0 - Castel Garden - also 35062011 fits TC12.5-102, TCP13.5-102, 14.5-102, 17.5-102, XT140, XT150, XT160, XT170, PT140,

ROFLEX-GARDEN Wrapped V-belts


Special low-friction fabric, lowered aramid cord (Kevlar®), chloroprene rubber compound and reinforced with textile.


The 4L wrapped belts are specially constructed for machines with a clutch function and where the belt drive includes a back-tensioner. The external fabric ensures noise-free clutch engagement and increased resistance to wear and heat. The aramid cord offers high tensile strength, no elongation and high resistance to shock loads.

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