Z Section (Standard)

Step 3

How to calculate the correct belt length?

Enter value and click on calculate. Result will be displayed.

Enter your values in millimeters:

Pulley Centre Distance:
Diameter Of Large Pulley:
Diameter Of Other Pulley:


Length Of V-Belt :

Final Steps

  1. We need to now apply a correction factor to the belt length of minus 22mm that apply to all Z section belts.
    Calculated length 1529mm - 22mm Correction factor =
    1507mm Belt Length 

  2. Now we have to convert from millimeters to inches by simply dividing by 25.4
    Belt length 1507mm / 25.4mm  =
    59.33 inches Belt Length .

  3. You may need to round up or down to the nearest whole or half inch size. This rounding is dependent on how much tension adjustment you have, but should not normally exceed 1/2" inch
    Important Note: Whether you can rounding up or down is dependent on the adjustment point when you measured the Centre Distance.
    Belt length 59.33 inches rounded down =
    59 inch Belt Length. (If adjustment allows)

  4. All that is needed now is to put the section in front of the size and you have the correct type.
    Z Belt Section + 59 inch belt length =

    Click Here for Z section V-Belts

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