Open Length PU Belting

BRECO TIMING BELTS are constructed of wear resistant polyurethane and high tensile steel cord tension members.
Both materials combine to form the basis for dimensionally stable and reliable belting. If required an additional nylon tooth facing is available, which results in a low-friction, high performance 
timing belt.

BRECO ® timing belts are manufactured without length limitation and with steel corded tension members that are arranged with parallel edges.

• Positive fit, synchronous run
• High loadability, length stable
• High degree of efficiency, max. 98 %
• Wear resistant in continuous operation
• Precision of repeatability of positioning in the linear system
• Pitch accuracy in the rotational to linear translation of movement
• Low mass, suitable for stepper drives
• Hydrolysis resistant, resistant to ozone and sunlight
• Temperature resistant from -30° to + 80°C, temporarily higher
• Resistant to petrol, simple fats and oils

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