Contitech® Synchrochain® 720-CTD8M-36


Contitech® Synchrochain® 720-CTD8M-36

£114.22 Inc VAT
£95.18 Ex VAT

Contitech® Synchrochain 720-CTD8M-36

The Synchrochain® timing belt with the CTD tooth profile is 100% compatible with the Gates® PolyChain GT® timing belt tooth profile. This allows for direct replacement of a Gates® PolyChain GT timing belt drive. The Synchrochain® timing belt enables the reliable transmission of high torques and high dynamic stresses. As the first timing belt of this new high-performance class it allows reverse flexing in multi-shaft drives and is the optimum alternative to chain drives and the Gates® PolyChain GT timing belt.

Standard PolyChain GT® and special Synchrochain® & PolyChain GT® pulleys are available - please enquire

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