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Stiga 135061508/0 - for Stiga 3048 H Estate and others


Stiga 135061508/0 - for Estate Master, Master HST, 2084, 3084, 3084 H, 3384 H, Classic 90, Collector 13,5,Collector 90, Collector, Collector HST (-2010), President, Senator - HST, Senator H HST,PRO, PRO H, PRO HST, SC 9013, SC 9013H, SC 92, SC 92H, SC 92B, SC 9214, SC 9214B, SC 9216 H, ST 10216, 4092, 4092 H, 5092 H, SC: 84, 84 B; SC: 84 H, SC 8414B,Mirage 5.0, 6092 HW

ROFLEX-GARDEN Wrapped V-belts


Special low-friction fabric, lowered aramid cord (Kevlar®), chloroprene rubber compound and reinforced with textile.


The AA hexagonal V-belts are especially suited for serpentine drives with more than two axles. An equal amount of power can be transmitted using both sides of the belt and it also enables a component to be driven in reverse without having to cross the belt.

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