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Husqvarna 532429532, 532 42 95-32, 429532


Husqvarna 532429532, 532 42 95-32, 429532 
For Husqvarna 
CT131, CT141, CTH141, CT151, CTH140, CTH151, CTH171, CTH2038, CTH2238, CTH141

Please note: This is the new 38" deck model belt and does not fit the older 36" decks. Please check before purchase that your model has the 38" deck fitted. From approx 2010 models onwards.

ROFLEX-GARDEN Wrapped V-belts


OEM quality wrapped double-V-belts for the most demanding lawn & garden applications. 


The AA hexagonal V-belts are especially suited for serpentine drives with more than two axles. An equal amount of power can be transmitted using both sides of the belt and it also enables a component to be driven in reverse without having to cross the belt.


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