Conti® Silentsync 8M YELLOW 16mm

Conti® Silentsync is the new name for Goodyear Eagle belts since the buyout of the product range from Veyance Technologies. The belts are exactly the same but now under the ownership of the German group Continental, the largest belt manufacturer in the world.

CONTI® SILENTSYNC is the perfect complement for today’s high efficiency rated motors. Because Vee belt and chain drives quickly lose initial tension, they typically run in the lower portion of their efficiency range. CONTI® SILENTSYNC will continually run at about 98% efficiency.

These belts are generally a non-stock item on a short delivery. Please email for price and availability.


 Symbol Colour Width (mm) Length range (mm)
Yellow 16 640 – 2400
White 32 640 – 2400
Purple 64 720 – 1600

Goodyear Eagle Belts

Conti® Silentsync 8M Pitch Y-720-16
£89.59 Inc VAT
£74.66 Ex VAT
Conti® Silentsync 8M Pitch Y-896-16
£95.28 Inc VAT
£79.40 Ex VAT
Conti® Silentsync 8M Pitch Y-1600-16
£135.61 Inc VAT
£113.01 Ex VAT
Conti® Silentsync 8M Pitch Y-2000-16
£163.85 Inc VAT
£136.54 Ex VAT
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