Contitech® Falcon PD 1120 GTR 14M 37


Contitech® Falcon PD 1120 GTR 14M 37

£262.06 Inc VAT
£218.38 Ex VAT

Contitech® Falcon PD® 1120-GTR14M-37

Delivery : approx. 2 weeks please enquire

Reinforced rubber timing belt with Aramid tension members developed to work in a variety of extremely demanding drives. Compatible with CTD Synchrochain® / PolyChain GT® toothforms and thus is suitable for new drive designs while being compatible for use in existing systems. Very low-noise and antistatic to ISO 9563. Suitable for reverse flexing/reverse tensioning idlers.

Standard PolyChain GT® and special pulleys are available for Falcon PD® - please enquire

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