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Flat Belts

Beltingonline® Flat Endless Belts
Nylon Reinforced Polychloroprene Rubber 

  • high strength
  • high coefficient of friction
  • high flexibility
  • lightweight
  • constant thickness
  • inextensible
  • length stable

Beltingonline® flat belts consist of a high strength core, endless fabric and a rubber carcass with excellent mechanical properties and a high coefficient of friction enabling vibration-free drives, very high belt speeds, reduced dimensions, high performance and minimum maintenance.

Length , Width & Thickness Tolerances
Nominal Lengths Poss. % Tolerance   Thickness Width
300 to 480mm +/- 2.0% 1mm +/- 0.2mm +/- 0.5mm
500 to 980mm +/- 1.5%
1000 to 3100mm +/- 1.0%

As the belts are endlessly woven nominal lengths can vary between sleeves and therefore drive layouts should allow for the adjustment of centres to provide the requisite drive tension.


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